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What we do?

The goal of this project is to build methodology and guidelines for international inclusive youth volunteering management through research, and a handbook about mental sensitive approach as a toolkit for youth workers. The training materials will be tested with youth workers during the project, and both youth and professionals are invited to participate in development process of the materials.

Project results (PR) of Vol’Go -project


”A state-of-the-art Report on Inclusive Volunteering”, will be the basis for other project results and training materials. The PR1 consists of desk research and field research in all partner countries. As a result, a research-based report will be produced for youth trainers/educators and youth workers that target to offer the content of the guide (PR2) to enhance young people’s volunteering skills, creating inclusive accessible volunteering possibilities, and training materials for youth workers.


Guide for Inclusive Volunteering for the youth workers on the development of more inclusive volunteering management programs for their non-profit organizations and work with youngsters. Target group of the guide will be volunteer coordinators, youth workers and staff that could need inclusive programs for the appropriate management of their young volunteers facing some form of social exclusion, especially mental health issues.


Mental sensitive handbook to provide sufficient support for young people having inclusive volunteering period in another country. PR3 opens the idea of supported volunteering and sensitive approach for youth workers and aims also at encouraging youth with some kind of social barriers to volunteer and go abroad, by creating mental sensitive structures that make the process safe and accessible. The handbook is a tool to make international inclusive and supported volunteering easier for those who organize or plan to organize it, and for those who want to go volunteering.


During the last PR all the phases and prior results of Volunteer and GO! will be combined in one big picture and localized and visualized for use of the partners on national level. All materials will be collected on this website for international dissemination.