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”Culture house has done wonders to my self-esteem”


Do you know what a Culture House is? Would you like to explore the possibility of introducing this concept within the national or local framework?

Culture House is a low-threshold, no-cost day centre and community place for young adults (18 to 35 years of age) with mental health issues or otherwise challenging life situations, and is based on positive mental health, inclusive volunteering and peer activities. It provides a safe environment in which to explore a variety of cultural activities in a relaxed and encouraging setting. The emphasis is on creative and functional peer group activities through which participants build social skills, self-esteem, learn new skills, receive support, and acquire tools for life management. The groups are organized and directed by trained peers. The primary goal of all Culture Houses is to foster an environment that is welcoming and conducive to creativity. Every week, numerous different groups meet at culture houses. Participants may take part in one or more groups of their choosing. Each group is led by a peer leader, a participant who has completed the culture house’s peer leader training based on inclusive volunteering, while staff members serve as backups for the peer tutors and group members.

‘’ Culture house offers possibilities to learn new things, give natural tools for life management, support the development of social skills and improves the ability to work and function ‘’ 

Check out this informative EPALE -article where our partners from Sosped, Lassi Rajamäki and Anna Purola explain everything in detail: https://buff.ly/3T12pfE